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Marketing Copywriter and blogger for tech startup

Posted: 10 months ago by chovy

We are looking for a marketing copy writer who can contribute to our blog and write persuasive copy for our landing pages.

Niches are a crypto memecoin called $HSKO and another project that is a corporate travel b2b solution (site is being developed now)

Each project needs some marketing copy for their landing page (designs are in progress) and someone to contribute to each blog twice a month.

You will need to be comfortable with writing content in markdown. We do not accept word docs and the like.

Time commitment is only a few hours a month....more importantly we need someone who reads and writes fluently in English and is ok using telegram to live video weekly meetings. This is a requirement. You will be expected to do a video call on telegram as part of the interview process.

Note: While we don't expect you to work when we tell you to we do appreciate a timely response when discussing plans for an article (ie: 24 hours)

$100/month USD Part-time Apply now

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