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Freelance Photographer

Posted: 5 months ago by flicc

This is a part-time remote position for a Freelance Photographer. The Freelance Photographer will be responsible for taking high-quality photographs of various events, products, real estate, and people. The photographer will also be responsible for editing and retouching photos and delivering final products to clients within a timely manner. NOTE: Flicc is a startup so right now we're still in the onboarding phase. Also, while the ad lists a minimum starting wage, Flicc photographers set their own prices.

Qualifications -Extensive photography experience, including knowledge of photography techniques and equipment, including lighting and composition

-Proficient in post-production and editing software such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop

-Excellent and timely communication skills with clients

-Ability to work independently and remotely

-Portfolio showcasing previous work

-We are looking for talented freelance photographers who are passionate about their craft and have a keen eye for detail. If you have the skills and experience mentioned above, we would love to hear from you. Join our team of creative professionals and showcase your talent through exciting photography projects.

To apply, please go to

Starting at $50/hour Contract (1099) Apply now

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