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Web Designer for mobile-friendly and web-basd apps

Posted: about 1 month ago by chovy

We are seeking a skilled Graphic Designer for a short-term engagement to develop a mobile-first design for our application, The successful candidate will be required to produce designs in Figma or Penpot, including a logo and the overall app design, with a strong emphasis on mobile-first principles.

Please note, we are looking to engage on a corp-to-corp basis exclusively with U.S. corporations.

We are interested in candidates who can demonstrate a high level of proficiency in English and effective communication skills, as coordination will primarily occur through instant messaging and an initial voice call interview.

Should your initial contributions meet our standards, there is potential for ongoing work, as we have multiple small projects in need of design expertise.

Applicants are encouraged to apply by providing links to screenshots of mobile and web applications they have designed or a direct link to their professional portfolio.

$200 one-time payment Corp-to-Corp Apply now

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